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2020 Summer Camp Update!

Taking camps on the Road!!

We would like to announce that this summer camp season will be coming to a community near you! Since we are unable to have overnight camps this year, we have decided to still offer camp programming through a day camp program that will be offered in various centers in Winnipeg and the surrounding area. These camps will be offered for campers aged 8 to 13, with a limit of 24 campers per week. There will be 2 teams of camp counsellors, offering camps for 6 weeks each – which equals 12 weeks of camps! 

Be assured that we are continuing to monitor the   COVID 19 progress. We are doing everything that we can to ensure that we have everything in place to be able to offer these day camps in a safe and healthy way, while following all the protocols and recommendations in dealing with the COVID 19 pandemic put out by the Province of Manitoba as well as the Manitoba Camping Association.

We are still finalizing dates and locations and are looking forward to opening up registrations early next week – with camps beginning in mid- July.  Thank you all for your patience and support during this time as we prepare. We are so looking forward to this upcoming camp season!!

PLEASE NOTE: We are very busy at this time preparing for our summer plans, and only a short time to do it all, so please be patient with us as we might not be able to answer all phone calls and emails right away. We will keep you posted as things fall into place, and get back to you as soon as we can.

Please keep the CSE and it's mission in your prayers!

Thank you for your patience and support as we move forward!

God bless!

Why send your child to camp?

Going to summer camp is the perfect way for your child to experience new activities, grow in character, and most importantly, have fun, all of this in a positive christian setting! If you're wondering about the benefits of summer camp for your child, we've compiled a list of all the best reasons to send them.

Independence and Self-Esteem

At summer camp, campers are lifted from their usual routine. In most cases, their parents and usual friends aren't there. Summer camp gives kids the unique opportunity to branch out and make new friends while learning new things in a positive environment. Camp provides a wonderful environment for your child to grow. They will learn new skills and try lots of activities, but they'll also learn more about themselves and how to interact with others. All of this is done under the guidance and support of positive Catholic role models. Camp counsellors are seen less by kids as "teachers" or "bosses" and more as cool, older friends. And these camp counsellors want to help your child grow, learn, and generally have the best time ever!

New Interests

Because summer camp is packed with fun activities like archery, canoeing, mountain biking, geocaching, swimming, arts and crafts, drama and music, kids get the chance to explore interests they never knew they had. Your child might come home with a new passion! And even if they don't fall completely in love with one activity, the chance to try so many different things will definitely enrich their development, and all this in a positive, Christian setting.

Active Lifestyles

Many kids today prefer watching television or playing videos games to physical activity. Camp is an environment where kids can learn to have fun being active. It'll get them out of the house and onto the sports field, or rock wall, or beachfront!

Appreciation for Nature

Kids who spend most of their lives in the city will get the chance to explore nature -- a chance they might not get the rest of the year going to school. At summer camp, your child will discover nature in a new and profound way!

Building Memories

Kids come away from camp having just had the best week of their lives! They've made new pals (who often become lifelong friends), they've experienced all sorts of fun activities, and most importantly, they feel good about themselves! The good memories your child will make at camp will last a lifetime.

Camp Changes Lives!

We have seen countless examples of how summer camp has changed kids' lives. It's what makes us camp leaders want to keep working in this awesome ministry. The growth children experience as they learn to be more patient, respectful, confident and skilled is evident, as many parents can testify.

We at the St. Malo Catholic Camps are Catholic Christian camps, which means that through each of our activities, we share the love of God to each camper while offering an activity-packed week of fun. This nurturing, inclusive environment is so important in the life of a young person. Offering the opportunity for spiritual growth as well as growth in skill and character is what makes the St. Malo Catholic Camp program different from other camps. We believe that the values our camp staff can instill in the campers can only serve to positively influence their young lives.

Thanks for considering sending your children to summer camp. If kids are ready for camp, we can almost guarantee you won't regret sending them! 

What does a typical day look like at 

summer camps?

What can you expect at

summer camps?

Here is a small sample of what one day could look like at camps! This particular sample is from our 8-12 year old camps. Please note schedules will vary, but this provides a glimpse into the amazing experience your child could have at camps!

8:00 - Wake Up

8:30 - Morning Exercises

8:45 - Morning Prayer

9:00 - Breakfast

10:00 - Teaching

10:30 - Snack and small Group time

11:00 - Fun outdoor games

12:00 - Lunch

12:45 - Activity Sessions (mountain biking, canoeing, archery, sports)

2:30 - Head to the beach!

5:00 - Supper

6:00 - Personal prayer time

6:30 - Music and drama

7:15 - Camp fire and hang out time

9:00 - Small Group

9:45 - Night Prayer

10:30 - Lights out!

**Other activities which occur during a week of camps are: men's/women's nights, reconciliation, mass, arts & crafts, celebrations, volleyball, basketball, crazy Olympics, and so much more! 

Preparing for Camp

First, make sure to go through our list of things to bring!

But if it’s the first time away at camp, especially a sleepover camp, a little mental preparation needs to go into getting ready.

Give your child a sense of independence. Let them try packing their camp supplies themselves and do chores around the house.

Have sleepovers at a friend or relatives’ house. Even though these are familiar places, they are still not at home and can be useful practice for your child being away at camp. 

Assure children that camp is a safe and fun place to be. Give them realistic expectations about what kind of fun they will have and let them know that at the end of the week you will be excited to hear all about it. 

Dealing with Homesickness

It doesn’t happen to everybody, but when it does it can be a difficult experience for both the parent and the child. Even if you’ve practiced independence before sending your child to camp, he or she may feel the need to be at home with their parents.

Send a note and/or a care package - this will act as a reminder that you’re thinking of them and that you will be there when they get home to hear about their adventure.

Let a camp director know if your child might be apprehensive so they can make sure to include them in activities and help gently guide them through fun activities until they’re able to do it on their own.

Encourage your child to stay at camp the whole week. If home-sick phone calls occur, it can help to remind your child there are only a few more short fun-filled days before heading home. 

Good advice for homesickness can be found at:

Check out these endorsement letters from our local Archbishops!

Archbishop Richard Gagnon

Archdiocese of Winnipeg

Archbishop Albert Legatt

Archdiocese of Saint-Boniface


Gabrielle Champagne

Camp Director

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