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Saint Malo Catholic Camps

Staff and Volunteers

Serving at Saint Malo Catholic Camps is a great way to share your faith and to help others to encounter Jesus in a powerful way.


Over the last 30 years our camp ministry has served thousands of young people and helped lay a strong foundation of faith in the lives of so many people.


Be part of something great this summer! Find out how you can help serve and make an impact at camps!


We are now accepting applications for the following roles.

Camp Counselors

Camp Counselors help make everything happen! From those in training all the way to the most experienced, your involvement with camps makes all the difference.
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Head Cook

The Head Cook will be responsible for planning, preparing and serving meals, maintaining kitchen cleanliness, as well as recruiting, supervising and training kitchen staff and volunteers.
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Core Team Member

Core Team staff lead the summer camps and assist with the program development.
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Lifeguard/Safety Officer

The camp Lifeguard/Safety Officer is responsible for ensuring that safety procedures are in place and acted on as needed to ensure the well-being of campers, staff and volunteers
during camps on site and at the beach.
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Here are a few additional forms you might need with your application.

Reference Form

Candidates should provide reference's from three people who can assist us in evaluating your suitability as a member of our camp team this summer.
Summer Camp 2024 Facebook Event Cover (1).png
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