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What is planned giving?

Planned giving, or gift planning, is the process of designing charitable gifts so that the donor realizes philanthropic objectives while maximizing tax and other financial benefits. Generally, a planned gift is any gift of significant size made with forethought about the benefits to the CSE and the financial implications to the donor and the donor’s family.

These giving opportunities have the ability to create eternal gifts – gifts that keep giving! Ensuring the blessings we have received will be shared for generations to come.


Planned gifts are often bequests, life insurance policies, and similar arrangements where the commitment is made now but the funds are not available to the charity until some future time.

The majority of planned gifts are deferred, but gift planning also includes outright gifts. A planned gift can be a major gift for current needs, consisting of securities or real estate, and structured and timed to limit any tax on capital gain and obtain full benefit of the tax credit.


Leave a Legacy

For more information on planned giving options

If you would like to explore planned giving options and the CSE, please contact us.

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