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Prayer is a pivotal part of who we are and of what we do. We would so greatly appreciate it if you could include us in your daily prayers. Here is a prayer you could print and say for our ministries. We sincerely thank you for your support!


St. Joseph is the Patron Saint of the CSE. The CSE prayer was created with a specific desire to request the intercession of St. Joseph, who is also the Patron Saint of Canada.

Remember, O most chaste spouse of the Virgin Mary, we never heard someone has invoked your protection and asked for your help, without being comforted. Inspired by this confidence, we come to you, and we commend the Catholic School of Evangelization and all of its works to you, with all the fervor of our souls. Do not reject our prayers, O you who are called the Father of the Redeemer but deign to accept them with kindness.


For the Outreach Program...pray for us

For Summer and Winter Camps... pray for us

For Emmaus Prayer Meeting... pray for us

For all the alumni of the CSE's different ministries... pray for us

For the CSE's Staff... pray for us

For the CSE's Board of Directors... pray for us

For the CSE's benefactors, volunteers and supporters...pray for us




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