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Download a copy of our fall 2023 VISION newsletter here!

Discipleship Formation Program

Discipleship Formation Program

An affordable year of faith & life formation... now taking registrations for fall 2023!

Our vision is to see passionate disciples of Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit serving the Church’s urgent call for a new evangelization.


Since 1992, the Catholic School of Evangelization (CSE) has been charged with the mission of bringing people to Christ. We are a lay ministry focused on living the Gospel in community and proclaiming it through the ministry of evangelization.


The Discipleship Formation Program

The Discipleship Formation Program is a year for young Catholics to live in community, to study the Catholic faith with the head and the heart, to develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and to grow in their missionary zeal through evangelization and ministry.

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Come and experience faith through friendships, talks, games, crafts, music, and prayer time. Summer camps feature activities like canoeing, archery, mountain biking, beach time, and more!

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