We rely on the generous support of our donors!


How to donate to the CSE and its ministries

1- Fill out a donation form and mail it to us

Every single dollar helps us bring the Gospel to youth. Your dollar counts, however big or small it may seem!


You may choose to make a one-time donation by cheque, cash or credit card.


You may also choose to commit automated monthly donations. Automated monthly donations allow us to further our mission in ways only consistent income can allow. You monthly donations will assure long-term continuity to our mission!

Our secure PayPal account allows you to easily and conveniently donate to our mission! Click the link below to access our PayPal page. You will then enter the amount you choose to donate, and pay using your credit card.


PayPal will automatically issue you a receipt once the donation is completed to indicate that the donation is completed.


Our PayPal service only allows for one-time donations. To make a monthly payment, please fill out the donation form found above. 

2- Through our secure PayPal account

Income tax receipts will be provided for any donation of $10 or more. Thank you!

Income Tax receipts