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“Every time I go to St. Malo camp, I never want to leave because it was really fun. I learn lots, and I always feel good after. Every time I go to camp it ALWAYS reminds me that I can, and will be a saint one day if I try…We’ve moved just a few months ago, and St. Malo feels like home.”

-Girl, 13

“My second week of counseling was an experience that really changed me… Through my relationship with one camper in particular, I really deepened my relationship and my trust in the Lord. Since then, my ways of acting and praying have changed dramatically.”


-Camp Staff Member

“Wow! My son came back home completely changed... Keep up the good work.”



-Camper Parent

"I am so grateful to the CSE for the amazing summer camps they provide for my children! They love the campers AND the counselors who inspire the kids through their testimonies. They also very much love the quiet Chapel time where they’ve shed tears of joy each year! Praise God!"


-Camper Parent

“There was one counselor in particular who really reached out to my daughter and helped her truly understand God's love for her. She talks about this experience often and has now expressed an interest in helping others who feel lonely. Thank-you so much!!”


-Camper Parent

"The witness of the camp counselors, their joy and enthusiasm for God, and their testimonies are what I hear about a lot from my kids. - They get to meet other kids who share the same faith and the same language (our kids went to the French camp), and often they get to see them again at winter camps or the next year's summer camp. It's nice to have returning kids."


-Camper Parent

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