Thousands of youth from accross Canada have taken part in our retreats.

Take a look at what they have to say!


 “The retreat was excellent! I appreciated the use of skits, visual aids and personal testimony. There was a good balance between calm, prayerful retreat elements and dynamic group activities and games and very part of the retreat was very age-appropriate. The leaders didn’t shy away from sharing the truth of our faith, but they did so in an inviting and encouraging way.”


-Catechism Coordinator, French Catholic Parish in Winnipeg

“Thanks for the retreat! The kids loved it and had a great time. They were still talking about it when they arrived at Catechism and their parents were very impressed as well. We definitely want to book them again!”



-Catechism Coordinator, Catholic Parish in Winnipeg

“I just really appreciate what the Team did for us. The tone of the day was wonderful and their interaction with the youth was awesome during meals. I loved hearing all the laughter. There was joy in the room and that is how it should be! Loved the music aspect! The day definitely assisted in our group bonding. We saw the difference at Catechism the next week. The youth branched out and worked with other people. I am very glad we did this retreat!”


-Catechism Coordinator, Catholic Parish in Selkirk

“The games at the beginning helped break the ice and the skits were very powerful. Our students really liked the personal testimonies from the leaders and found the prayer time to be very peaceful. I was really pleased with how well the day went and how much positive feedback I have received from the students!”


-Teacher, Catholic School in Winnipeg

“The team used lots of different ways of getting the message across – even a science experiment! The analogies were great too. There was a great mix of group activities and small group times. They offered so many different styles of learning to help get the message across – awesome! Definitely booking again!”


-Catechism Coordinator, Catholic Parish in Gimli

“The team covered the Sacrament of Confirmation material very well. The skits were good, the music was great and the games were fun. I appreciate that the games had a connection to Confirmation, that was very well thought out! The youth said they had a great time overall.”


-Catechism Coordinator, Catholic Parish in Steinbach