Recent & Upcoming Events

Winter Retreats

In order to conform to public health orders and still provide programming to all families, this winter we are planning on running several Saturday retreats instead of overnight camps. 

Our theme will be Strength In Adversity. Believers in the West today don’t suffer persecutions anything like Christians did under the Roman Empire, but everybody has some degree of unpleasantness in their life — whether it’s an annoying sibling, exclusion from a friend group at school, or having to wear a mask (and yes, sorry, unless public health orders change, masks will be required for indoor functions at these retreats). And Christ himself tells us to expect hard persecutions if we are his followers. 

We’ll explore age-appropriate accounts from the Bible and the lives of the Saints to find inspiration and practical examples of how to endure injustices (small and big) as a Christian. 

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Note: we reserve the right to cancel Winter Retreats if updated public health orders or other unforeseen factors make it impractical or impossible to offer them. Pray that we’re permitted to proceed! 

English 8-11  Sat, Jan 15  Holy Cross (Winnipeg), 9am—6pm 
French 8-11  Sat, Jan 22  Saints Martyrs (Winnipeg), 9am—6pm 
English 12-14  Sat, Jan 29  Holy Cross (Winnipeg), 9am—6pm 
French 12-14  Sat, Feb 5  Saints Martyrs (Winnipeg), 9am—6pm 
Bilingual 15-17  Sat, Feb 12  CSE (St. Malo), 9am—9pm 

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Discipleship Nights

Sat, Feb 26, 2022 at the CSE, 7-10PM
Sat, Mar 26, 2022 at the CSE, 7-10PM
Sat, Apr 23, 2022 at the CSE, 7-10PM
Sat, May 28, 2022 at the CSE, 7-10PM
Sat, Jun 25, 2022 at the CSE, 7-10PM

A community of youth and young adults, 14 and older, that come together monthly for faith formation, fellowship and pray, in the spirit of the mission of the CSE to form disciples of Christ to serve the church's most urgent call to evangelize.  These evenings are also intended as a time of preparation for the future camp seasons and connection between each seasons.


Summer Day Camps

July & August 2022. Precise dates yet to be determined

Current plans for Summer Camps 2022 are to run it as a day camp program in anticipation of no change in Manitoba's response to the global pandemic. Should restrictions change, we will change our plans.


Discipleship Formation Program

September 2022 - Apr 2023. Precise dates yet to be determined

The original vision of the CSE’s founders was to make it a place of spiritual formation for young adults, from which would sprout further apostolic works, both for the CSE and in the broader lives of those adults. From 1992 through 2007, seventy-one people participated in the CSE’s Discipleship Formation Program.


Lack of enrolment and many other factors contributed to shutting it down, but now a generation has passed. We are starting it up again in September of 2022, revamped and made relevant for today’s needs.


Students would pay a modest fee for tuition, room, and board for the year, and would live in community at the CSE from Sep—Apr. They will receive on-site faith formation, and will participate in opportunities to put their faith into practice.