We are excited to introduce the Sterzers! The Sterzer family has fully moved into the CSE! They will be serving our ministries by their presence here, welcoming our rental groups, and taking care of building maintenance. 

The Sterzers have arrived!


Caleb, Lisa, and Rosalie are excited to begin their adventure of being the CSE’s missionary family.


The CSE has played a role in both Caleb and Lisa’s faith life and they are looking forward to sharing this experience with their one year old daughter.

Rosalie is looking forward to having more cupboards to play in in the kitchen, as well as the big beautiful backyard.

Lisa isn’t super pumped about having a greater surface area to clean; however, having a chapel at her fingertips definitely outweighs the cost.

As a family, they are hoping to grow closer to Christ together as well as build a stronger family prayer life.


Lisa & Caleb Sterzer with daughter Rosalie. Photo credit: Carolina Hoffmann