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Discipleship Formation Program

"Follow me." - Matthew 9:9

The DFP is a year for young people to live in community, to study the Catholic faith with the head and the heart, to develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to forge wholesome lifelong friendships, and to grow in their missionary zeal through evangelization, practical service and ministry.

When is it?

The class of 2023-2024 starts with a committal Mass in St. Malo on Sep 10, 2023 and ends with closing ceremonies on Apr 27, 2024.

There is a three week Christmas break starting Dec 16 and ending Jan 7.

Who is it for?

This is primarily for single Catholic young adults who have completed high school and have yet to make big decisions towards school, work, or vocation (marriage, priesthood, or consecrated life).


This is secondarily for older single Catholic adults who have started on life’s journey but want a chance to pause and reorient themselves.

Other single Christians and people of non-Christian belief are welcome, but they must accept that the instruction received and community life lived will be Catholic in character.


What happens during the year?

​You will receive instruction in courses covering:

  • Growth in your relationship with Christ

  • Welcoming and using the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • Development of a personal prayer life

  • Sacred Scripture

  • The Catechism of the Catholic Church

  • Understanding the mass.

  • Church teaching on Human Sexuality

  • Essentials of Evangelization

  • Many other topics on how to be an authentic Catholic missionary disciple

You participate in intentional activities such as:

  • Frequent reception of the Sacraments

  • Regular community and personal prayer

  • Community meals

  • Household chores

  • Group activities (games, fitness, reading, et c.)

  • Outreach projects

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