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Facilitators for 2023/2024

The following instructors will be with us on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. There will be other instructors who will offer shorter courses, or facilitate various video learning series.

Paul Bonekamp - small.jpg

Paul Bonekamp and his wife Keri have three children and currently live in Grunthal, Manitoba. He enjoys reading old books, discussing faith and philosophy, spending time outdoors with his family, and playing tabletop games. Paul hopes to help students at the Discipleship Formation Program better understand the depth, beauty and intellectual rigor of their Catholic faith.


Deacon Michel & Elaine Landry have been married 43 years and are proud of their two children & spouses, and five  grand-children. In their previous careers, Michel was college instructor and Telecommunications Project Manager while Elaine was a Laboratory Technologist.  It was in this career that Elaine recognized and developed her spiritual gifts of compassion for the sick. Their involvement in the healing and deliverance ministry has spanned more than 25 years but has intensified during the past few years since attending further ministry formation. Both are instruments of God's healing love, working together almost full-time in this ministry. Michel was ordained Deacon in 2018. He and Elaine will offer personal healing ministry.


Mary & Louis Richard will be facilitators for many of the prayer and spirituality courses.For more bio information please see the Program Directors / Advisors to the Board dropdown menu.

Hannah & Rheal.JPG

Hannah & Rhéal Chartier are a young married couple from Winnipeg, Manitoba. ​Hannah is currently studying for a Master's in Counselling, after completing a B.A. in Conflict Resolution. Rhéal is a high school math and science teacher in a local French immersion school. As young adults, both of them spent multiple years at the St. Therese Institute of Faith And Mission, living in community and studying the Catholic faith. Hannah and Rhéal will be the facilitators for the Holistic Sexuality course.


Jeff Le Sage is an educator with over 10 years of teaching experience. He has taught Catholic religion courses at Holy Cross School and St. Boniface Diocesan High School from grades 2-12, and is now principal at St. Boniface Diocesan High School. Becoming Catholic at the age of 26 inflamed his love for his faith, through prayer and learning the history of the Catholic Church. He has specifically taken an interest in the medieval period and has taken additional courses at the university level to understand this period more in-depth. Jeff enjoys the subject areas of history and business which he continues to explore as a life-long learner. Jeff’s other interests including sports such as baseball and basketball. He also enjoys board games and historical movies.Jeff considers himself blessed to have a supportive and faith-filled marriage and family with his wife Janice and his four children (Sebastian, Gabrielle, Desiree, and Jasmine). He resides in the town of Lorette and is an active member in the Notre Dame de Lorette Parish.​

Jeff will be facilitating the Church History Alive course

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