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Community Life

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Students live on site in community with other young Catholics and staff (program capacity is 24 people maximum) eating, sleeping, studying, praying, recreating, and participating in housekeeping duties and community outreach together. They remain at the CSE from Monday to Friday with the option to go home or to a friend’s or a host home most weekends, returning by 8 pm on Sunday.

Participating in all group activities is the norm. Exceptions must be approved by the program directors.


Building Friendships

Twice a month we take time out as a community to enjoy various recreational activities together: hiking, biking, cross country skiing, skating, bowling, a movie etc. Once a month we savour a special mealtime by creating a more festive dinner for all to enjoy. Every two weeks is community meeting night where we share our faith journeys, receive personal prayer ministry followed by a social night. Once a week we relax on our comfy couches and listen to each other read a celebrated novel or listen to a noteworthy radio theatre production. In between there are many one-on-one encounters of friendship waiting to be discovered.


Basic Community Rules

Personal Devices: While not outright restricted, personal phone usage and popular media consumption are limited.  Students leave their personal electronic devices in their lounges and are encouraged to embrace the freedom this brings them to be more present to others around them (exceptions can be approved in certain circumstances).

Drugs and AlcoholIllegal drugs and cannabis are not permitted. If you are a smoker or vaper, reasonable accommodations will be made to allow for smoking or vaping outside, as it is not permitted inside our building. Alcohol is not permitted except with permission for special occasions under supervision of Program Directors.

Romantic Relationships: Men and women may not enter each other’s dorms or lounges. In close human contact, romantic attractions are inevitable. To minimize distractions, students are required to put the exploration of new romantic relationships on hold during their time in the DFP.

Further detail is available in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, which is shared with applicants during the application process.

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