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Community Life

This is a summary of the community life we live.

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Community Overview


Students eat, live, study, work, and recreate in community with other young Catholics (program capacity is 24 people maximum). They remain on site for the whole year, with a three-week break to return home over the Christmas holidays. On most weekends, they may leave the facility, and must return by 8PM on Sunday.

Participating in all group activities is the norm. Exceptions must be approved by a member of the program leadership team.


There is personal time built into the weekly schedule.

Community Activities

Creation Time

This is a regular weekly session set aside for students to work on their creative hobbies (like music, art, sewing, woodworking, writing, et c.) to tap into their nature as creatures created in the image of a creative Creator.


The act of bringing something new into the world is an essential element of our humanity, and is a vital component of wholesome leisure, which revitalizes the mind, body, and soul.

Students are given a chance to showcase what they've created during our closing ceremonies.

Woman Playing Guitar

Reading Group

Once a week, we gather as a community, curl up on comfy chairs, and collectively take turns reading aloud (respecting personal comfort levels) through a great work of fiction.


The books we select are recommended by our students and vetted by our leaders.

Book Club

Community Meetings

Regular two-way communication is key in a program like this. Weekly, we meet to discuss any concerns or updates from students and program leaders.


This meeting begins with prayer and a reminder of the community commitment we've made.

Staff Meeting

Outreach Activities

Students, as a group, regularly participate in community service and ministry locally in St. Malo and area.


They also are encouraged to help out with the CSE's other ministries like winter and summer camps.

Volunteers Packing Food

Basic Community Rules

Youth Club Meeting

While not outright restricted, personal phone usage and popular media consumption are limited.  Students leave their personal electronic devices in their lounges and are encouraged to embrace the freedom this brings them to be more present to others around them (exceptions can be approved in certain circumstances).

Illegal drugs and cannabis are not permitted. If you are a smoker or vaper, reasonable accommodations will be made to allow for smoking or vaping outside, as it is not permitted inside our building. Alcohol is not permitted except with permission from the program leaders.

Men and women may not enter each other’s dorms or lounges.

In close human contact, romantic attractions are inevitable. To minimize distractions, students are required to put the exploration of new romantic relationships on hold during their time in the DFP.

Further detail is available in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct, which is shared with applicants during the application process.

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