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In order to make sure everyone enjoys their camp experience, we expect all campers to adhere to the following rules and guidelines.

These apply both to our summer and winter camp programs.


If you have any questions regarding these, please contact us!

St. Malo Catholic Camps Rules and guidelines for campers

Modest dress

  • Boys must wear shirts except at the beach; girls one-piece bathing suits. 

  • No offensive logos.

  • No visible bra-straps or belly buttons; modest shorts and skirts please.

No alcohol or drugs

  • Use of alcohol and/or drugs (including cigarettes & vaping products) during camp will lead to automatic dismissal. Only prescription medication will be permitted.

Stay on site

  • Campers may not leave the site unless accompanied by a staff/volunteer.

Zero tolerance towards violence

  • No weapons (knives, guns, red laser lights, etc). There will be consequences for bullying and any other verbal, physical or emotional violence. Campers who endanger themselves or others will be sent home at parents' expense.

No books, music, electronic media, etc. from home

  • There are many great books, video games, etc. out there. However, these can distract us from camp activities, reflection times and fellowship opportunities. We invite you to set aside a week / weekend for God and friends. Please leave books, music, video games, cell phones, ipods, etc. at home.

No outside food or drinks

  • For health and group unity reasons, we ask that campers not bring food or drinks to camp. Food will be confiscated and returned upon departure.

No dating/romantic relationships to be initiated at camps

  • A camper’s personal relationship with God and friendships with others are essential parts of the camp experience. Starting an exclusive relationship while at camp is not permitted, as it can be harmful to group unity. Dating can be very healthy in the right context; however it has been known to create distractions from the programming and planned activities.

St. Malo Catholic Camp Policies and Procedures Manual

Download and review our complete Policies and Procedures Manual by clicking on the PDF link to the Right.
Please contact us should you have any questions!
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