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Team members are between the ages of 18 and 30 years old and the program runs from early September until mid-June. The Team dedicates the entire 9-month period to their missionary work on the Catholic Outreach Team, living in community in St. Malo. For an application form or for more information about the program, please fill out a request below and the Outreach Coordinator will contact you shortly.

Team Member Testimonials

“Being the Domestic Needs Coordinator for the Outreach Team was such a blessing! Not only did I learn how to make meal planners, grocery lists and new recipes, but I also developed great friendships with people that helped me to grow in love and virtue.”


Lorette, MB

"I really really enjoyed Outreach because it gave me a chance to work and spend time with people who shared common beliefs. My experience taught me a lot about team work and putting aside differences to achieve a greater good. Even though community life was hard at times, I learned how important it is to support one another and focus on what really matters."


Winnipeg, MB

"My year at the CSE was both challenging and rewarding. I grew in my faith in so many ways! I really loved how living community life and serving others in ministry helped me grow as a person that year. That experience gave me the tools to live out my faith in a meaningful way everyday!"


Saskatoon, SK

"Outreach was so exciting! From building new relationships to watching people change through their experience, I was so blessed to have been on Outreach. God helped me learn to adapt to meet the needs of those around me, and I grew a lot in my faith throughout those 9 months."


Saskatoon, SK

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Q: Who can apply?

A: The Catholic School of Evangelization considers non-married, practicing Catholics between the ages of 18-30 for their program. Applicants must be at least turning 18 before the end of the September of the mission year that they are applying for (Ex. Sally is applying for the 2015-2016 mission year and he was born on September 27th, 1997. She is currently 17 but will turn 18 before she starts the ministry portion of the Outreach mission year.)


Q: When can I apply?

A: You may send in your application as early as November 1st for application of the following year. (Ex. If you would like to serve in 2016-2017, you can send in your application beginning November 1, 2015). You may not apply two years in advance. This is because much can happen in a person’s life in one year and we need the most up-to-date information about our applicants as possible.


Q: Do I have to be Catholic?

A: Yes. Since Outreach missionaries ministers in Catholic schools and parishes, team members must be practicing Catholics.


Q: I'm from outside of Canada, can I still apply?

A: Yes but depending on border/visa conditions you may not be eligible to volunteer as an Outreach missionary and therefore would not be accepted. For anymore questions please contact us!


Q: What will I be doing?

A: Outreach Team members invite youth to know and follow Jesus. They receive two months of intensive faith formation and ministry training. Outreach members then go throughout Canada bringing the Godpel to youth in schools, parishes, aboriginal reserves, youth detention centres etc. It is a great year of spiritual growth and action.


Q: Will I be able to go home throughout the year for (insert reason here)?

A: If an Outreach team member has an event to attend (ex. weddings, funerals, etc.) they will be given permission to return home upon the approval of the Outreach Coordinator. Outreach Team members will also be given occasional weekends to go home, as well as a break through the Christmas holidays.


Anita Vander Aa

Executive Director

Telephone: 204 347 5396



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