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As part of the CSE’s 25th anniversary celebrations in 2017, together with the CSE’s Board of Directors, our staff prayed and reflected on our mission and organizational values, desiring to cast a new vision for the next 25 years of this school of evangelization. We find that this new Expression of our Charism (Mission Statement) expresses our mission and vision in a much fuller way, and that it casts a solid direction for our work in the next 25 years. Please join us in praying for the mission of the CSE, as it takes on this new form, that the Lord would continue to bear much fruit through our efforts and apostolates. 


We are engaged in the New Evangelization.

We provide time and space for encounters with JESUS CHRIST.


The Catholic School of Evangelization (CSE) is a Roman Catholic lay apostolate committed to inviting young people into a deeper relationship with God, others and with self. In a spirit of service and collaboration with our local Church, we form disciples of Jesus to serve the Church’s urgent call to evangelization and to the renewal of the world.


We accomplish our mission by:
1-    Leading

             high quality retreat, camp and prayer apostolates in English and                in French;

2-    Inviting

             young people to attend these ministries in a warm and                              welcoming home and centre for youth ministry; 

3-    Forming

            young leaders in Christian character, teaching and tradition; and               equipping those who minster to young people with the tools                       necessary for evangelization. We challenge these disciples to live             as Christ-like examples, made in His image and likeness;

4-    Encouraging

            and creating new and innovative methods of reaching today’s                   young people with the Hope and Joy found in the Good News.    


Our mission holds Christ at its core and foundation. All of our efforts aim to bring young people into a relationship with Jesus and to live as His disciples.  


Following in the rich teaching and tradition of our Holy Catholic Church, we function under the leadership and guidance of our Archbishops in a spirit of love and mutual respect. We are faithful to the Teaching and Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. 


We understand our mission as a response to the Church’s urgent call to the New Evangelization. We are a School of Evangelization. We aim to teach young people a greater understanding of their evangelistic call as baptized priests, prophets and kings for the renewal of the world. 


Our faith is based on transformative personal encounter and relationship with Jesus. We therefore recognize relationship building and the sharing of personal testimony as the most effective tools in the New Evangelization. Our positive Catholic role models invest in each young person through the gift of their time, friendship and care. We also aim to build community among our staff and volunteers, understanding that living out the Gospel together, in charity and mutual respect as brothers and sisters in Christ, is vital in building a healthy and effective apostolate. We will sharpen each other, and in doing so, lead each other to Christ. 


God has created every human person in His image and likeness, and each of His children is deserving of love, respect, and mercy. We recognize hospitality as being paramount in sharing the Good News with every person. We will endeavor to welcome each person with sincere care and kindness, in the hopes that they will see Jesus through us. 


Young people are thirsty for meaning and for Truth. At a time where they are searching, we will seek them out, and endeavor to bring them the hope and truth, mercy and love, found in the Good News. We also invest in the leaders of young people, with the hope that through them, we will reach every young person in Manitoba, and become one step closer to the transformation of our world.

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